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Personal Edge Classes

Group Training

While each of our personal trainers excels at one-on-one motivation and result achievement, some of our most productive time is found in group classes that meet your particular approach to fitness in a variety of fun, performance enhancing class settings.


If individual training isn't what you're lookng for, check out our classes below and join up today by emailing the instructor directly.

Circuit Training


This 1-hour class incorporates both cardio and strength training, using machines, free weights, balls, and bands. This class will increase your lean muscle mass and bone density, help your balance and posture, flexibility and create a stronger core. 

Class times: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00pm. 

Instructor:  Shannon Palumbo 

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Zoom Classes


Live classes offered on demand. On demand recordings are also available.  Classes are a 40-minute full-body workout.  

Class times: On demand

Instructor: Deb Abrams

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Men's Class


This class will get you in your best shape ever!! 


A motivating class that will challenge you at your current fitness level. To meet the needs of all participants modifications and advanced options are offered for each exercise. Lots of fun and laughs to make the time pass. Leave feeling stronger mentally and physically when you walk in the door.

Class times:  TBD


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