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As a breast cancer survivor and someone who never ever exercised at all, Personal Edge was the perfect entry for me. At the beginning it was pretty challenging at times, but Deb Abrams never let me leave discouraged, only encouraged. 

As I got stronger and more confident, she got me to challenge myself more and more.

Now, I actually feel much more fit and healthier than before cancer. And my attitude towards my health is more positive than when I was 10 years younger in my 40s!

S. Hull - Client for 3 years

Deb makes exercising challenging but fun.  I love how she tailors the workouts to my specific needs.  She is extremely knowledgeable and creative.  Exercising never gets boring at Personal Edge!

Deb motivates and pushes us and constantly adds new exercises to keep our routines fresh and our muscles working.  Deb has us working on strength, balance and flexibility through ever-changing exercises and she has been sensitive to Bob's particular needs following knee replacement surgery. While in physical therapy post-knee replacement, his therapist was very impressed with Bob's core strength.

- Annie & Bob McHugh,
clients for 1+ years

Personal Edge is the best place to go if you want to get in shape and increase your endurance and self-confidence!  I like that they place a high value on correct form with each exercise and I'm motivated to push past my perceived limits resulting in incredible energy and much improved balance and flexibility.

- Kelly Godddard, client for 11 years

- "L", client for 2+ years

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